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Have you been looking for a meaningful way to contribute to the LGBTQ Community? We invite you to come and join our group of volunteers here at the Transgender Violence Tracking Project (TVTP).

The TVTP, collects and disseminates data on anti-trans violence in order to protect the transgender community in real time and help us be better-informed advocates for change! 

Transgender* people make up 1 to 1.5% of the world’s population but about 400 times more likely to be assaulted or murdered than the rest of the population. These crimes are more likely to be violent, and are often meant to intimidate the entire community. Many of these crimes are left unsolved, which makes it doubly important to track and hold law enforcement accountable to solving these crimes.

We work to provide news of violence against the transgender* community and, eventually, a central repository of reports (searchable by location and time).

Backed by a successful kickstarter campaign, the site currently features news and the ability to submit an incident report, as well as reports of missing persons and the ability to share and disseminate news via social media from a central location. 

We hope you will join us in our effort to help protect and stop violence against the transgender community by taking action with us today.

We are looking for people to help out with:

  • Social Media Management (twitter, tumblr, G+,Facebook etc)
  • Content Writing
  • Incident Researchers for reported cases of Violence
  • Media watchdogs to report to us stories you hear

If this sounds like something you’d like to be involved with please Click The Link to go to our Volunteer Page






why wasnt i a part of this


what is this even from



but the real question is where can i watch this

this post gets me through everything

I 100% laughed out loud and woke up my cats.

oh come one that blue ones not even tryign

the orange one isn’t even doing it right

the brown one before the pink one on the left omg I am crying


best 4 minutes of my life

Just imagine being a parent in the audience trying to watch the tall yellow one or the light blue short one

I would never have been more proud of my child in my life!!

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I wish people would leave Amanda bynes alone bc she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia and her mom took her off her medication against doctors orders and now she’s having a manic episode and all of these people are making fun of her

she literally cannot control how she acts and she’s unaware that the way she’s acting is abnormal and it’s really shitty that people are laughing at her expense




if you identify as cis but haven’t actually taken time to sit down and examine and analyze your gender identity, it’s probably time to do that otherwise you’ve just given in to society forcing a significant part of your identity upon you.

if someones comfortable with their gender identity to the point that its not even on their mind then theres no need for them to analyse it

as someone who basically identifies as cis i think it’s very much important to examine your gender identity. it might lead to small things: e.g. after i did that i stopped shaving because i realized that i wasn’t doing it for myself. further, i’ve stopped seeing my own face as a gendered thing and this makes it easier for me to be respectful of the identities of others, and easier to be happy with the meatsack i live in. i think that it’s very important for cis people to consider what aspects of gendered existence we hold sacred. peeing in a segregated space? if so, why? i mean this is exactly the kind of question trans communities have been trying to get us to deal with forever and i think that answering it on a cultural level will come with exactly the type of introspection that OP is asking for. 

some of the best advice i’ve got in college so far is “make strange what is comfortable” and hey, after you take it apart, you can put it right back together again if that’s what makes you happy but it’s still important to evaluate why you perform your gender the way you do and what rituals are essential to that? why are they essential? are they worth perpetuating? the answer might not always be yes EVEN for people comfortable with the label of their gender assigned at birth

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